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Lord help us, he came early. 🙂

Well, apparently my wee small boy was ready to see the world before I figured he’d be ready, he showed up nearly 2 1/2 weeks early to find mom and dad a bit surprised (but obviously totally pleased) and grandparents ridiculously thrilled.  He weighed in at 5 lbs 11 oz, 19 inches long. Yep, tiny. As knitmongrel enjoyed pointing out before he arrived, he’s chihuaha-sized. (I actually think he might be smaller than some).  His eyes are still that indeterminate slate-blue color that could mean they’ll end up brown or blue (I’m hoping for blue like his daddy), and he came with a FULL head of hair on him, all of which is ridiculously soft and tends to end up all spiky and funny.

He’s sleeping sweetly in a sling on my chest right now which is the only reason I can post to you all. As for all my lovely knit goodies. . .someday darlings, some day!! At this point I’ll almost have to wait until they all fit him and have him model. Of course nothing fits him at the moment in any case. . .all our “newborn” and “0-3 month” onesies are too big! Whoevah woulda thunk it?

 Not much to say except to leave you with another couple of pictures, these from yesterday (his one-week birthday). . .he makes the BEST faces.


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