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Yes, that is my mouth.

Whaddaya wanna know?

All right, I’m a lot of things. Dentist, knitter, musician, cook, devoted wife (ha!) procrastinatress extraordinaire, reader, intellectual, snob, dork, devoted to my family and my friends. 

I get enthusiastic about pretty much everything, not unlike a golden retriever. The husband. . .he keeps me on a relatively even keel and tolerates my craziness. He’s a bigger geek than I am, and after almost 10 years together we’ve still got the sizzle.

I work hard and I don’t have the patience to do things I don’t like. I am often late. Organization generally eludes me, but I work hard to achieve it. I am always trying to get smarter. I am always doing dumb things anyway.


Nilofer says:

Well lemme tell ya one more thing to add to your list of traits and accomplishments…my mentor and big sis in more ways than one!

Anytime you want to come over and play with your fellow golden retriever friend, I’m sure he’d be more than happy to match your enthusiasm.
And you forgot “Very very beautiful pedicure enabler.”

Just sayin.

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