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(yes, you could sing that to the right tune)

Believe it or not kids, I have actually been out of town, but for no more than a week and a half, and it’s been a shamefully long time since I’ve posted anything. Lemme fill you in quickly, and I’ll make a proper post with pictures soon. . .

I took my boards on March 7 in Dallas.

Mid March, we went traipsing off to London to have tea with the queen and visit some dear, dear friends (the hubby’s spring break)

I’ve been knitting a sweet ribbed baby hat and that multidirectional scarf, but frankly, haven’t had time for much else, because since then . . .

I’ve been researching and receiving baby stuff, and my house (er, my teeny 1 1/2 bedroom apartment) looks like it’s been assimilated by a giant baby. AND, I’ve been inundated by stunning hand-knitted and hand made baby gifts and MUST post pictures of all of them so you can see how supremely crafty and genius-like my friends are.

BTW, baby stuff is so cute, sometimes it actually causes me physical pain. But the little guy inside me is still doing just fine. The bump continues to grow, to my wonderment. And I continue to be mostly comfortable 8-). Seeing as how I’m at 36 weeks starting next wednesday (yes, that’s the beginning of month 9. . .the truth is that pregnancy goes 40 weeks which means he’s in there until the beginning of month 10), I’m grateful for that.

 And, I PASSED MY BOARDS!!!  Which means that officially, it’s the last test I’ll ever have to take. (I will re-certify every 10 years, which is ok by me. . .never hurts to stay up on your stuff, y’know).

So, I promise, I’m working on pictures of all the tantalizing things I’ve received, but you’ll just have to wait a bit for them, because as this kid grows, he tires me out, and I have a lot of stuff to do over here. . .my thank you note list is extraordinary! 


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