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{December 14, 2006}   Enough blaming the bed. . .

I know I’ve been a crummy poster over the last 2 months or so. . .OK, well, the truth is, I have an excellent excuse, and it’s the same thing that’s been consuming my daily life for the last 11 weeks or so. . .

I’m expecting a baby!!! A few of those who check in with this blog are already in the know, but hey. . .there it is, it’s out there now.  I’m 16 weeks along, due May 30th, and we’ll find out what we’re having (boy/girl) next month. Of course we’re thrilled, and both sets of grandparents are even more excited, considering this is the first granchild on both sides (oh yes, and considering the fact that my mom has been hinting about grandchildren since I turned 18). Anyway, it’s extraordinary to be simultaneously thrilled and terrified, and doubly extraordinary to have the realization that I’m nurturing a complete human being somewhere in my belly and that I’m completely responsible for the welfare of said human being for the next 5 months.

 I have some sweet baby hat and bootie pictures for you (not for me, for my good orthodontist friend who just had a sweet wee boy), but I’ll have to save those for another time, it’s a swimming day. (Swimming, as it turns out, is excellent exercise for the pregnant lady)

I will leave you with some pictures of the new sweet fuzzy guy in my life, Mortimer.

Mortimer!Mortimer came to me yesterday, freshly cast off the needles of the amazing knitmongrel (where does this girl have the time and what have I done to deserve such fabulous love?) If you’re looking for more pics of Mortimer, you can head over to her blog, which is both updated more regularly and hilariously funny. . .and I’ll go back to the sweet soft fuzziness that is my new buddy Mortimer. I can’t imagine the kiddo isn’t going to love this guy.


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