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{February 23, 2007}   Bad, BAD knitpicks!!

Help, y’all.

I was all set to make Norberta. Y’know, the sweet baby dragon in this winter’s Knitty? I was going to make her with green scales and blue or purple accents. . .

Then, I go on Knitpicks to pick up the yarn, and lo and behold:


All together now: Awwwwwwwwwww. 

So, this is the year of the Pig, I’m told. And my mother-in-law has a thing for pigs. . .she grew up on a pig farm and had a mom that collected pigs. Hence, I have a stinky suspicion that this pig must be made for the Boy.

He’s awfully sweet, this pig. But I was so ready to make Norberta. And I don’t like the checks on his nose and feet. . .which is not to say I have to make them. . .ARGH!!

Alright, already! I’m going to order the yarn!


meg says:

ahh, i love the piggies. always have.

so about those books you gave me, lady.

i LOVED “the namesake” so much. it made me cry, made me feel happy, warm, sad, and excited for her first book. i’m seriously so glad we met via the swap or interweb. i can’t wait to read all the rest, honestly. thanks for all of the recommendations.

i love the pig so much! too cute!

Um… you want the pig? Cuz, y’know, I knit. Sometimes. Once in a while. It’s ok. And. Y’know. I like you a little bit.

Just sayin’.

jupiterjessica says:

Yes, this sounds like a cry for help. I think you should let the Mongrel make it for you. I’ll even bet that she’ll do a lighter solid for the ears and feet instead of the checkered pattern.

Now go make Norbert! ;D

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