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{February 9, 2007}   Yet another long promised FO. . .

. . .well at this rate, I’m going to have everything I promised you!! The last thing to show is my  momma’s cutie pie potato chip scarf, which frankly, I haven’t actually seen on her (she’s all excited and claims she has the perfect outfit to wear it with).

 Here I’d like to present the lovely knitmongrel, modelling the calorimetry I made for her:


First of all, I’m really pleased with how this looks on her. . .her hair really sets off the colors of the yarn. What is it? Actually, her favorite, her love, yes, malabrigo. I was so pleased to find this yarn that I didn’t really care if I made gauge or not 😎 which is lucky for me because it turned out quite large and fits her well. You’ll notice that at the moment she’s wearing it wrapped a bit more than it’s supposed to be, she says it has stretched out a bit since she’s been wearing it so much! I did use my #8’s to knit it as called for in the pattern, so beware those of you who want to make one, it might come out a bit larger. But as this was my first experience knitting with malabrigo, I do have to say. . .yummy. It was so wonderful and smooth to knit with, worked like a dream, and super, duper fast. . .I probably started and finished it within a week (and I’m a busy girl)

Here’s another picture from the front:


Aw, she’s so cute. If you’re a knitmongrel fan, you’ll notice she’s also wearing her knit-over-christmas-week raglan which turned out so beautifully.

So that’s the news from this front. . .only one more un-photographed FO to go!! Right now I’m working on my Jaywalker socks for my mother-in-law again. . .they’re so gorgeous but they’re taking forever and frankly, my studying is more important. So they’re progressing slowly. 


meg says:

love it! i just got my yarn in the mail for mine. i’m making it for a friend that lives in your neck of the woods. she’s a native texan and has been freezing her butt of there in chicago. i hope to get it finished
quickly, want to make sure she has a chance to wear it a few times!

The Mongrel looks so pleased to have been photographed. 🙂 But the Calorimetry looks great, and she looks great in it.

Aw, the calorimetry. You should see mine. I royaly mucked it up. It’s actually quite funny…and huge. It’s sitting in my closet cowering in shame. Yours however, looks great! I love the colors. You’re lucky you have a close knitting friend to make eachother fun things! I’m going to take my tad bit of jealousy and get back to work! ;D

Zonda says:

Lovely colorway on the Calorimetry! 🙂 I agree, it looks good on her 🙂

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