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{February 7, 2007}   This kid (and his mom) are SO spoiled. . .

alright, you guys remember my secret pal, Jen from MedicKnits?

Well, first, she sent me THIS:


Then, she sent me THIS:


 THEN, she sent me THIS (once she heard I was pregnant):


And, as she was revealing herself this month, she promised yet ANOTHER package. . .and she sent. . .are you ready for this. . .THIS


Then she sends a note with it saying, I hope you don’t mind (don’t MIND?!?!) that I crocheted something for your baby. . .as in, since I’m a knitter (who can’t crochet to save her life), hopefully I don’t mind that this is crocheted instead of knitted! Um, hello, you MADE this. . .with your HANDS. . .and your TIME. . .for me and my baby, and I’m supposed to quibble about whether it’s knitted or crocheted?!

Hee hee. Jen, you’re amazing. The sweater and hat are GORGEOUS. . . .gorgeous, gorgeous. And more yarn!! You have done more for my stash than my husband would like!! (He’s always making noise about how much yarn I have and how we’re going to have tribbles overtaking the corner where my yarn is stored) AND you sent me all that gorgeous green yarn. . .I am humbled and so, so grateful. And totally spoiled. Thank you so much.

For those of you who are crocheters, here’s a closeup on the sweater detail. Innit fantastic?


So then, I show up to choir on monday, all excited to see knitmongrel back from her East coast trip (she learned to needle felt, went to Grumperina’s LYS, generally had a ball, go read all about it). Well, apparently she also had some extra time on her hands to knit THIS.


So this is machine washable. And so SOFT. . .and I forget the yarn that it’s made of. Bad me. But I promised her she could have a pic to post, so I’ll get it to her, she’ll post up the pic and tell you all about it, because it’s a great little FO. . .but as for me, being the recipient of so much goodness in just a weekend. . .I feel like I have to sit down, I’m so overwhelmed by the love.

I love having knitters as friends, they have the most generous hearts, and I feel so incredibly loved. And you can bet that the little booger is going to hear long stories about how his Aunt Mongrel and his mom’s secret pal were the best knitters and crocheters ever and they made the clothes on his little back with so much love. Thank you Jen and Aunt Mongrel!!


meg says:

wow, those are really some great gifts. so thoughtful and sweet.

both of those little sweaters are so precious!

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