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{February 5, 2007}   A long promised FO:

Z’s hatHere’s a shot of my cutie-patootie baby bro, Z,  in the hat I made him for Christmas. He’s a computer-type worker bee in Mad-town, WI, and he bought a motorcycle last year. Well, he wears his hair about as short as possible, and complained this fall that his head was always cold and he needed a tiny hat to wear under the helmet and to wear everyday in the wintertime. Well, what could I do?

So, for his christmas present, I went out and bought some wickedly soft Karabella cashmere (50% cashmere, 50% merino) and knit him up a little beanie with a 2×2 rib at the bottom and some easy decreases on the top. I wanted to make him a Marsan watchcap , but he wasn’t into the idea of the cuff at the bottom, wanted his hat as plain as he could get it. Ever since he was a baby, Z has been into everything “soft”. . .so we never consider buying him anything that might be the tiniest bit scratchy because he just won’t wear it.

 And yes, ladies, he’s taken. When knitmongrel met him and realized they were both Tom Waits fans, she was apparently sorely tempted to leave her wonderful husband. We haven’t met the girl to tie him down all the way yet, so we’ll see (I like this girlfriend, though). The husband is not one to request things, but when the other day I offered to make him another with the other skein I bought (hey, at $25 a pop, I’m not wasting THIS yarn), he seemed to be into the idea.

 I just heard on the radio: It’s actually warmer in Anchorage, AK today than it is here in Chicago. It’s absolutely frigid here. It’s Superbowl Sunday, and I’ll tell you what: as much as I love this city and I love living in it, I will forever continue to be absolutely anti-Bears. Hey, I’m a Packer fan. My father claims an actual headline on today’s Milwaukee Journal was along the lines of: “How to enjoy the Superbowl despite the fact that the Bears are playing” So, since it’s superbowl Sunday and the Bears are in the superbowl, I will be rooting for the Indianapolis Colts. I’ve been following the Colts all season, mostly because knitmasala is a devoted fan, and so I’ll be watching the game at her house (I do believe there’s actually a moratorium on Bears fans at her house), accompanied by some homemade pizza, soup, and ice cream.

Yes, the ice cream is homemade by yours truly, thanks to the wonderful husband who gave me a much-desired ice-cream maker for my birthday. Chocolate, of course, for the first venture. I’ll let you know whether or not the reviews are positive. Go Colts!!!


Well someone’s brother is a babe! I bet his head is really cold today. I hear it’s negative 30’s up in Wisconsin and the schools are closed! Homemade ice cream is the best. I used to work at an ice cream shop that made all their ice cream. It’s a local favorite! 😉 Congrats on your Colts Victory!

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