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{January 23, 2007}   It’s a BOY!

Some of you might have noticed the winter issue of knitty had not one, but two sweet stuffed animals that were knit: Sheldon, and Norberta the dragon. Now, it’s not like I don’t have enough plans for future projects. . .or like I’ve made any useful New Year’s resolutions (like actually knitting something for myself), but I immediately thought to myself. . .while both of these animals are on my future knit list, I might actually make Norberta because hey, dragons are awesome, and it might be fun. Plus, it’s just always been fun for me to make stuff for other people that they actually use, and stuffed animals, especially knit ones, are always awesome.

Well, just the other day, I was blindsided by my most magnificent baby gift so far. . .the fantastic knitmasala made me Sheldon, and somehow managed to do it right under my nose without me even getting a hint that she was doing it! AND. . .he’s got googly eyes (I always was a sucker for googly eyes).  . .and I just know that this kiddo is going to love him. Check out my picture of him here: Sheldon the turtle 

I made so much noise over it that I actually lost my voice (that happens occasionally) and it took the rest of the week to recover. If you’re looking for more pictures of sheldon, go on over and visit knitmasala, you might notice that she’s “vying for favored auntie status”. That’s partially because she claims that I am the “favorite auntie” of her gorgeous daughter, and it’s not fair because I get to be the fun one while she has to be the mom. Now she’ll have a chance to be the fun one, and of course this kid is going to love her.

 Well, yesterday, I had my big 20-week ultrasound, where they look at all the major organs and systems, etc, to make sure things are going alright. Coincidentally, if you want to know what flavor you’re getting, this is a good time to find out, since things aren’t TOO crowded in there and as long as the kiddo’s willing to open up his/her legs, you can get a peek. Hence, the title of this posting. Yes, it’s a boy. Names, we’re going to keep secret until the kid comes out, and anyway we’re still looking around, as I’m really hoping for one Indian name and one Western name.

Well, I texted knitmongrel with the big news, and she shows up at choir last night with these: Booties from Knitmongrel. Go on and look, I’m waiting. . .

You know, I made a pair of these for my friend Pete’s baby, and they’re stunning. Impractical, sure, since they’re made with Lorna’s Angel that’s part angora and stunningly soft and pettable, and non machine washable, but who the heck cares? These things are going on those precious little feet the second those feet are clean and dry enough to wear them. Aren’t they amazing?!?!?

Boy, this kid is lucky to have TWO aunties who are obsessive knitters and intent on spoiling him. I’m going to have to be strict, I can already tell 😎

In other news, we were in Iowa this weekend to visit the husband’s grandfather who turns 90 tomorrow, to celebrate his big birthday with an Iowa steak dinner. What do you give someone who’s turning 90? Why, a handknit scarf, of course!

Future great-grandparents

This is my husband’s grandfather and grandmother on his dad’s side. Aren’t they adorable? This is the bobble blue scarf by Karen B, with some modifications. I decided to abort the majority of the bobbles as they make the scarf less feminine, but it’s in lovely Misti Alpaca Chunky in a nice dark brown to match his formal winter coat. I kept the bobbles at each end, and left out the rest in the middle. When he pulled it out of the box, his wife threatened to steal it, so I figure I’ll make her a version for herself with all the bobbles, maybe in the nice blue that Karen has on her pattern. This was so easy and so fast to make, it took me a couple of days of dedicated knitting (1-2 hours at a time), and seriously, consider the grafted option, it came out with a lovely diamond in the middle.

I really cherish that these two are still around and sharp enough to enjoy their great-grandson, all of my grandparents passed ages ago and I imagine them looking down occasionally as I do things that remind me of them. I know I wish they could share the joys of this pregnancy and motherhood with me. Having a baby is a sharp reminder of the fact that life goes on, and moves pretty fast sometimes. Hope this kid makes his ancestors proud.


I Love Boys! Congratulations! I have three baby boys, well they’re not babies technically…12, 14 and 15. But I think boys are fun, fun, fun! They’re wild and rascally when they’re litle and from what I’ve observed way more work than a little girl, but they’re a breeze now! Plus boys always love their ma ma’s! My boys all knew their great grandfather, he passed away just a few years ago, so they’re old enough to have lifelong memories of him and the fun they had together. I’m so happy that you’ll be able to experience the love between generations. Does that sound hokey? Best wishes to you! Enjoy this time being pampered and protected because it’ll be over in a few months!

Karen B. says:

My goodness, T. I had no idea that you made the scarf for Grand-dad. I am humbled that you thought enough of the pattern to make it for someone so important.

Knit Mongrel’s booties are impractical and so very divine. Your wee one is in for some serious handknit spoiling indeed!

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