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{January 11, 2007}   Thank You Secret Pal!!!!


I’m starting to get cranky with wordpress. Either I’m too much of a blogger newbie to figure out how to make things work, or the ethernet is messing with my head. . .whichever it is, I can’t get wordpress to behave when it comes to posting pictures. Anyone have any better recommendations for a poor PC girl with no time on her hands?

Anyway, here’s a link so you can see a full size picture (no, I couldn’t get a thumbnail) of my newest secret pal gift. Obviously, she’s spoiled me completely rotten, which is starting to feel normal since I’ve been pregnant (ask knitmasala and knitmongrel, both of them have been treating me and my belly like a princess, and so has my mom, for that matter!) I’ll let you go see and come back. . .

Secret Pal Gift. . .#3!!!

. . .see, isn’t she great? She’s been blogstalking (in a GOOD way) and even though I’ve been a boring poster, she’s been paying attention and sending me LOVELY yarn and fun books to knit for babies!. Secret Pal, once again, you rock!!

Now, here’s a picture of the hat I made for the son of my orthodontist friend Dr. Katie. Dr. Katie had a baby in early December, so I finished off this hat and a pair of booties from the same yarn (same pattern as from before for my friend Pete’s baby, but different yarn).

Hat for Baby Michael

Innit cute? The hat is a Kate Gilbert pattern called “Shining Star” (so well constructed, very easy to follow, and very interesting to knit!), and the booties originate from knitmongrel’s LYS lace guru. And I combined those with an eminently practical gift. . .a transportable diaper changing pad. (the other option was a onesie, for the same excessive price, that said “I don’t floss”. . .I realize we’re both dentists but seriously, over $30 for a onesie makes me cringe)

Once again, I am cranky with wordpress because the booties would only download as a full size picture. Seriously, I don’t have the time or the inclination to figure this out.

Now, there’s a couple more things you need to see, but you’ll see them later (because duh, I have other stuff to do. . .not that I don’t love you guys).

FIRST is the stunning “Backyard Leaves” scarf that Knitmongrel made for me. . .but it’s busy re-blocking at the minute and maybe once it’s done I can take some pictures.

SECOND is a picture that I took of my cutie-patootie bro wearing HIS christmas gift, which is a simple rib-brim hat made in black, yummy karabella cashmere. But as I took the pic with Dad’s camera, I have to wait until I get back to their house to post it.

THIRD is a picture, hopefully in the near future, of knitmongrel wearing her happy calorimetry head-scarf. Cause it looks really cute on her with her reddish hair, and I made it using a lovely Malabrigo colorway that included browns, oranges and greens and a fun tiger-claw button. And for those of you who’ve never knit with Malabrigo (Thanks Karen B and knitmongrel for turning me onto it). . umm, go out and get some. What are you waiting for? It’s soft and fun and pliable and generally a real dream to knit with. Oh, just one caution: it turned out BIG. Now, she’s got a large-ish head, and it fit her much better than it fit me. . .but be careful if you have a small face and/or head and you’re knitting this pattern with Malabrigo. The knitty forum has some advice for you if you do.

I know this was a long post (and my first of the new year?) but hey, I had a lot to say.

Happy New Year dears and best of luck to ya.


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donyale says:

Just found you through that “tag surfer” thingey and I had the same issues (not more than a week ago) when changing to word press. After trial and error and lots of advice I now 1. Load my photos onto my computer using my normal photo program and tweak it with “picture it”. Then I upload it to Flickr, go to the My Photos section, click on the photo I want to upload, choose the medium size (about 500pixels wide seems to work best on WP), copy the smaller code and add it in to the new post when I push the IMG button. Don’t know if that makes any sense but feel free to check out my blog or contact me. cheers

anonymous says:

I’m so glad you liked your surprises. Did you find out the sex of the baby yet? Hope you are feeling great.

Your SP

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