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{November 12, 2006}   The bed, the bed, the bed!!!! (and attached rant)

O Happy Day, my mattress arrived on Thursday and sleeping in it is the most absolute, incredible bliss.

So much for not knitting, now you’ll know what I’m doing instead. . .sleeping, continuously, for glorious 24 hour stretches. Cooking? Pshaw. Knitting? Please. Sleep is so fantastic, I’ll just be doing that all the time.

Ah. Would that that could be my life.

Have I ever mentioned that my aunt runs an Indian restaurant in Milwaukee? And that she’s an amazing cook? Herein lies a small space for a vent that I will always have regarding any Indian restaurant that is not hers:

I am all for people trying new foods and broadening their taste horizons. However, I will venture to say that the majority of Indian restaurants out there are trash. That is, they do not serve real Indian food, they serve Indian restaurant food. In western cooking terms, it’s not like you have perfectly grilled steak at home every day, right? Well, in Indian restaurants, you get a set selection of mostly Northern Indian specialties, often badly made (but we won’t go there), often overly rich, and generally lots of meat. Okay, hello people, at least 80% of India is Hindu. As in, vegetarian!! Restaurants that serve decent vegetarian fare are few and far between!! The meals that you will get if you visit someone’s home and the meal that you would get at an Indian restaurant are NIGHT AND DAY different. (That is of course, except for my aunt’s restaurant. I know I’m biased, but she really is a genius.)

So what am I saying. I guess, get out of your butter chicken fixation and go try something different. Indian food varies depending on the region the chef comes from, the language they speak, even the religion they practice. My parents are from two different regions of India and their food couldn’t be more different. My aunt, who’s from Gujarat in Western India, has picked up recipes from all over India to serve at her restaurant. Why? Because she likes to play with her food and she’s good at it. And if you walked into the restaurant, she’d serve you the same things she would serve you at her own house. So get out there, folks, and experiment with Indian food. And if you’re in Chicago, New York, or Milwaukee, and looking for a recommendation, email me or comment on the blog, and I’ll be happy to help.

Rant over. 😎 Back to sleep. Hee hee. 


Danielle says:

Recommendations for Boston?

Suni says:

I couldn’t agree more! People are always assuming I’d want to go out for Indian food, but I always figure why go out and overpay for mediocre food when I can get a much better meal cooked at home? Well, maybe not so much cooked by me…

Glad to see you’re posting again. That’s some lovely, lovely yarn that your SP sent you. Makes me want to start my own blog so I can join! And thanks for the nice mention in your last post. 🙂

Nilofer says:

Ahhh, the Indian food of the great City. I miss that place.

Ooh OOh OOH Yeah! I live in NYC.(but you knew that.) We have two or three areas around here with a bevy of Indian restaurants. Point me in the right direction please? I know I couldn’t possibly convince the whole family to eat it. (hell, I know I can’t possible pay for it all either!) but if any of those places has take out(*gasp* the SHAME of it all!) I’ll be over there in a flash getting some to bring home with me.. I can’t say I love Indian food because I haven’t really eaten it–I’m confident caribbean Roti doesn’t really count, huh?– so I’m open to everything! (just nothing too spicy, k?) 🙂 weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Nilofer says:

hey check out my myspace acct…there’s pix of us on there:

Uh, please for the good Indian in Chicago?
I had a friend in college who’s mother cooked us indian food…sure, she was Christian, and from near Goa, but I’ve never had food that good again.

It’s even better if it’s BYOB…

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