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{November 9, 2006}   Thank You, SECRET PAL!!!!!

Interesting. I used to be able to upload pretty little thumbnails which you could then click on to enlarge if necessary. Now, however, not only can I NOT do that, I am also unable to upload pictures and then post them in a single step, because there are “errors on the page”. I wonder if this has anything to do with my browser, because it worked seamlessly the once that I tried it with Firefox. Grrr.

 In any case, here is the SECOND lovely gift from my wonderful beautiful secret pal. You’ll note the dark green Auracania 100% wool (which I think will felt up beautifully), the unnamed light green wool. . (which, I wonder, does she think I should use it for the branching out scarf?ooooo. . .that would be so PRETTY) and all the luscious CHOCOLATE.  .which has long since been broken into but not completely consumed (I’m a one piece at a time kind of girl).

Secret Pal Gift #2

In other news, my friend Suni is on The Panopticon, because she went this weekend to the Dulaan knit in that Franklin organized. I was at the Iowa-Northwestern game (yes, in Iowa, go Cats!), so I was unable to join her, but she nearly finished the hat she started. Just look for pictures of a stunning indian woman, you can’t miss her. . .her smile is a mile wide.

Christmas knitting started, but coming along painfully slow, as is the case with everything these days. The interminable baby blanket. . .still working on it, like a row at a time.

Secret Pal, thank you so much for your lovely gifts, I can’t wait to make your acquaintance!


Ok, so how jealous are you of that stunning Indian woman???!!!! Yeah, me too. Gets to meet Franklin, gets to look good in every picture, gets to have a fabulous daughter with a pink nap…. 🙂 Though now I might have to send some envy your way for those kickass presents. Sweet. Hope you’ve been having a good weekend, m’love.

anonymous says:

I’m glad you like your packages……I’ll be sending along one more before the holidays. By the way, do you like coffee? And if so, reg or decaf?

Your SP

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