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{October 25, 2006}   MY SECRET PAL ROCKS!!!!

Wow. . .if it wasn’t for my big project I would have posted this on Saturday, because that’s when I got a lovely huge package from my secret pal!!!

 See, the problem is, it takes forever to upload photos, and things here as usual, are busy, so at the moment I can’t SHOW you all the stunning booty that was sent to me. . .

But I got hanks and hanks of luscious hand dyed green baby alpaca, a cute baby hat kit, and some gorgeous, gorgeous green beaded stitch markers.

 Secret Pal, if you’re out there, I could kiss you. I meant to tell you that on Saturday. You have hit the proverbial nail on the head.

I promise, photos are forthcoming. I have loads of things to show you guys. The jaywalkers still progress, and are headed to the heel flap (only one sock I think, will be completed for socktoberfest), and I have probably progressed like, a row on the interminable baby blanket. See, things really ARE busy around here.

In the meanwhile, Fall in Chicago marches along. The weather here is clear, crisp, and sunny. . .in the 40’s or so. Apple picking weather, if you ask me, not that I really have a place to go apple picking. Despite the beautiful, sunny fall weather, I’m just. . .tired.


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