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{October 3, 2006}   Happy Socktoberfest!!!

Well, dears, the socktoberfest yarn is wound and ready to go, and I even swatched a little bit to check on my gauge as per Charlene Schurch. (how do you say that last name?!?!) Unfortunately, the baby cable rib pattern that I picked is completely indistinguishable from plain old ribbing. . .and the colors are so scrumptious that I feel I owe it to the yarn to do something stunning with it. I’m dying to do a lace type pattern, or even Grumperina’s Jaywalker pattern. . .but I’m a teeny bit nervous about the whole concept. Any suggestions, you guys? I could really use some help.

The interminable baby blanket continues to progress, so slowly!! I have a long, long meeting all afternoon tomorrow and while it would go three thousand times faster if I had my knitting, I’m sure that everyone will think me quite rude if I’m frantically knitting and purling away while they discuss their architectural plans.

 Off to swim. This is a backwards week. . .swimming on Tuesday and lifting weights on Thursday (I have an appointment in the morning on Thursday that will preclude any hope of swimming).  But THEN. . .on Friday. . . we’re going to Tru.  For those of you who don’t know, Tru is one of the true foodie restaurants in Chicago, celebrity chefs and all, and the food is supposed to be exquisite. I’m so excited that I’m having one of those weeks where everything goes by just a bit too slowly 🙂

My folks are coming into town and we’ll have dinner at Tru (our first time there), and then we’ll go see Renee Fleming sing her heart out at the Lyric Opera. Sounds like a good night, doesn’t it? I’ll have to wait until after the weekend to report back, because we’ll go out of town early saturday and won’t return until Sunday night at least.


Megan says:

I think the Jaywalker pattern is pretty easy to get the hang of; if you were considering baby cable ribbing, you have nothing to be nervous about with the Jaywalkers. They also do a great job of showing off lots of different yarns. Good luck!

You already know how jealous I am of Tru. Holy lord, woman. I’m going to want details. 🙂

I’m going to put in my vote, again, for the Jaywalkers. I’m now about 4 inches into the pattern and while it’s a bit mind-numbing, it’s lovely on this yarn (and I bet it would be gorgeous on your Soxie, too). It’s also crazy easy… you only need to know the double decrease and the knit into the front and back – both of which she explains in the pattern. Hooray for Grumperina!

Lots of love and small green things… Hee.

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