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{September 27, 2006}   Knitting and Reading. . . .made for each other?

I’m sure there are people out there, that exist, that can simultaneously read and knit. That might be my dream existence, but at the moment, as a knitting novice (relatively speaking), it’s not happening.

I’ve had this idea going around in my head for a while, though, about how I’d like to start a book club for knitters. Not that I’d exclusively limit the group to knitters, but for those projects that we all have (i.e. the interminable baby blanket) where we’d rather talk or remove our eyeballs with coffee spoons, shouldn’t we be part of a group of serenely intellectual people who have all just read the same, interesting book and happen to knit? The conversation at my SnB, when I went, was certainly enjoyable. But it would have been nice, on those days when conversation was scarce or people were concentrating, to have had a topic of discussion. And the more interesting intellectual people I meet, the more I want to harrass them about what they’re reading and what their all time favorite books are, so I can get into reading them.

The last book club I tried to join, I left after a single meeting because 70% of the people present (only 5 total) hadn’t finished the book, and when the ending counts, as it does in the Kite Runner, you want to DISCUSS, and I COULDN’T. Why? Because the other people “didn’t want to spoil the ending” for the people who didn’t finish. Can you understand why I chose not to join the group? If I hadn’t read the ending of the book, I would ASSUME that everyone was planning on discussing the ending and I would suck it up if I had the ending spoiled for me. Because that’s how these things work.

So, what do you guys think? Are knitters too busy knitting to discuss books? Or to read? As a dentist, some days my hands are just too tired to knit. . .so that’s mostly when I read. Are there any chicago knitters out there who would be willing to take up the challenge of knitting and discussing fantastic fiction? (or non-fiction?). Speak up, darlings.


I think that is a great idea. Being intellectually stimulated in conversations with others who knit, while knitting is a great idea. After all, when I think about the thoughts that run through my mind as I do knit, often philosophical, sometimes about business or science, the arts, etc.

You should go for it. I’m in NY, but still want to encourage you.


Oh, you know I’m in. I promise I’ll even finish the books. 🙂 Just tell me when and where!

Lauren says:

How I would love a knitting book club! I wish I lived in Chicago, I’d join.

Suni says:

You know how I feel about this idea. Hopefully we’ll get some good interest!

Jan says:

Where in Chicago would you meet? I live on the West side, work on the North, would love to give it a try.

Joyce says:

What part of town are you thinking of?

knitdds says:

For those of you who are interested, we’re still putting this together. Please put in your vote for where you’d like to meet if you’re interested!
At this point, most of us are north siders within the city so near north, like intelligentsia on broadway or the Kopi cafe on Clark and Berwyn would be good choices.
Obviously, we don’t want to take you away from your LYS or your SNB so once a month or so would be perfect. In addition, start thinking of your favorite book to share, one that really made you think, one you think might be ripe for discussion!

Kirsten says:

Man. I wish I could commute to Chicago from Portland for your group. Sadly, I am very much NOT made of money, nor have I inherited a great chunk that allows me to jet off to Chicago for a book club with knitters. But have fun–sounds brilliant. (Although with the description KnitMongrel gave of you, I may be too intimidated to show up anyway…even if I was filthy rich.)


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