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{September 24, 2006}   Booties delivered, White Sox Win!

Sweet home ChicagoContrary to the title of this post, I’m not really a White Sox fan. But I do absolutely adore baseball, and when I received tickets from a certain brilliant employer of mine I couldn’t say no, because let’s face it, how often do I get to go to baseball games?

 Before I get around to that part of the story, let me show you how adorable the recipient of my teeny tiny fuzzy booties is:

 Michael and his booties!Big sister and baby brother

Isn’t he adorable? This kid is going to be super, duper tall though. Mom says he’s already wearing a 6 month size outfit, and he’s only 6 WEEKS old. Daddy’s tall, really tall, so maybe he’s on his way! We had breakfast yesterday morning with the whole family, just to hang out and cuddle the baby and enjoy. The other picture is with his proud big sister (you can see Daddy’s hand helping to hold his head up, big sis is only 2).

 So, back to the baseball game: Again, not a White Sox fan. More of a general Chicago fan. I can cheer for the Cubs or the White Sox, just as long as they’re not playing my beloved Yankees. But wow, it was fun. Even with the rain delay (1 1/2 hours worth). And the White Sox won vs. the Mariners, (who should know how to play in the rain), and as we headed out to the parking lot it started to rain, AGAIN. Which brings me to the skyline picture, above, (boy did I try to get it down here on the post but the blog software must be misbehaving), taken from the deck of Comiskey. . .er, US Cellular Field aka “The Cell”. I had no idea the park had such a stunning view of the city, and honestly, with the thunderstorms threatening in the distance, I wish I could have given you the panoramic view.

OH. . .the other great thing about yesterday was, with a little help from KnitMongrel, I learned to kitchener stitch, and finished up one of my moral imperative socks! Also, thanks to the rain delay and my vegetative state after the game, I am well into the heel flap of moral imperative sock #2. Woo hoo! Socktoberfest here I come.


Suni says:

And when do we get to see a post about your beloved Packers. I have to say, I underestimated Mr. Favre…

Hee. That’s all.
(Needles at the ready, my dear…. 🙂

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