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{September 22, 2006}   Sock yarn!!!

So, I went to Arcadia Knitting, on Lawrence near Ashland, which is easily the sexiest yarn store I’ve ever been in, and there I was puttering around with my darling friend who I shouldn’t love for dragging me there.

 Me: I don’t need any more yarn. The husband will complain. I have too much in my stash already.

Her: Well, I have a yarn wall, and you don’t hear MY husband complain. .  Can’t you just sneak it in when he’s not home?

Me: Nah, he would notice. Remember, I live in a one bedroom apartment? Listen, you shop, I’m just going to browse. I have a thousand projects that I already have yarn for, I definitely don’t need yarn.

Her: Me neither. . . .except. . .Hello, luscious! (this to a Lorna’s Laces worsted). . . oh. . .mmm. . .ahhhh. . .

Me: Really, I don’t. . .oh, that’s so soft. . .

Her: I don’t really need this except. . .well, I could make up a really good project to use this yarn. . .what about a sweater for my baby sister. . .maybe just 10 skeins of it. . .

Me: (walking over to the discount bin and picking up two sweet, lonely balls of ridiculously pretty yarn in two different colors that I can’t imagine a current use for) Look at these! I could. . .knit something with them. Hey! Don’t you have that “One Skein” book? Could I borrow it? Then I could find something to do with this stunning green cotton and this soft white sequined Adrienne Vittadini. . .

Her: (apparently preparing to make sweet, sweet love to the yarn) Ooooh, I’m definitely taking these. . .let me see what else there is here.

Shop lady: Get yer hot, fresh sock yarn here!! Sock yarn! Fresh outta the bag!! (As we nearly get whiplash trying to divine from whence come the voices that are calling us, we are presented with the drool-worthy sight of skein after skein of sock yarn being piled onto a table).

Her: (experienced sock knitter that she is) Ohhhh yeah, I’m going to take some of that.

Me: (attempting to be cooler than I really am by thinking I could actually make my first pair of socks out of this exceptional yarn) I. . .don’t. . .need. . .ohhhhh. Look at that.

Yummy sock yarn

There’s no choice here, is there? I must take that home. Ring ’em up!

And with that story of its adoption, I humbly present to you my Socktoberfest yarn, to be made into a Christmas gift for someone I really love. Hell, if I can’t get it done by then, she can always get it as a birthday present.

Yarn: The Great Adirondack Yarn Company “Soxie”, in Spring Garden. 100% Merino superwash, 360 yards in this stunning hank.

Here’s a closeup:Close-up sock yarn

I bought #1 dpns. Frankly, I’m scared. They’re metal, and they kind of look like the dental instruments I use every day.

I guess all I need now is a pattern. Something beginner friendly. I did have the very good sense to purchase the Charlene Schurch book, so I’ll have to dive into that. Cross your toes for me.


I love your dialogue! That’s precisely why I don’t go to the knitting store 2 blocks from me. The internet is temptation enough. I love the yarn you bought – I’m sure it will make lovely socks!

What scares me is how incredibly accurate that account of our conversation was. And man, am I an enabler! Wanna know the funny part? I started reading your post and my first thought, before I even got past the first sentence, was, “That wench went to Arcadia without me???!!!!???”. Yeah, I suck. I know your socks will be stunning (trust the book, seriously), and if all else fails you can always hand the skein over and I will make some sweet love to it. Man, I’ve gotta get some sleep. You’re lovely!

mary says:

Ahhh sock yarn. It’s beautiful and I can see why you fell in love with it. The best way to get lured to making socks is by loving the yarn you’re working with. I highly recommend the book you got. It makes a lot of sense and gives you very clear direction. My first sock pattern was this one, as recommended by a knitting instructor:
You figure out your gauge and size, then plug the numbers into the pattern. She also recommended doing a practice sock first on worsted weight, like Encore, on size 5s or 6s. Good luck! BTW, the Koigu KPPPM colorway is #514, I think.

You crack me up! That sounds like a trip I’d take, only I’d be the enabler.

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