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{September 20, 2006}   I joined a KAL!!

 For those of you who, like me, are learning about the wonderful world of blogs, KAL is a knit-a-long (hyphens only placed for sake of Acronym understanding, I think “Along” should be its own word). Apparently, in October, I’m going to knit socks! I do have some stunnning, stunning sock yarn that I think I’ll make as a gift for someone that I really love, who’s a knitter, and therefore she will appreciate the joys of socks knitted especially for her feet. Click on the thumbnail to go sign up.

The ugly truth of the matter, is that as a Packers fan, my beloved boys are going to have a rough, rough year. Our spirits are indomitable, and the Bears still S_CK, but I can’t do much else with this season except watch, and knit. And so I don’t cry, I think socks will be a good project. (sigh) At least the Yankees will take me to the postseason.


Suni says:

Dahling, you are a dork, but I love the blog. You’ve even earned a spot in my “My Favorites” list.

Told you knitting socks wasn’t that hard. 🙂

Jesus, you’re a Packers fan too? Ok, deep breath. We can no longer be friends.

It’s been fun while it lasted, but at this point I feel like we’re a bad joke: An Indian Packers Yankees fan and a Jewish Patriots Red Sox fan walk into a bar….

Hee. Ok, I love you way too much to mean that. So glad you’ve discovered the sock obsession. I’ll come join too! xoxo

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