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{September 19, 2006}   Inspiration strikes me down!

I swear, just when I think that I don’t need any more projects to do, along comes something else that I’m dying to try. I need wayyyyy more time on my hands (or, 8 hands like Kali, can’t wait to buy one of those shirts from Franklin!)

Well, I’ve been wandering through the blogosphere, commenting here and there, just to get a good idea of what’s out there, and I run into this on I dream of knitting. So, googling frantically, I get the idea that ages and ages ago, shibori was a fun trend that I missed out on, but screw that (says I), it looks like so much fun. Almost bobbles without the joy of knitting into a single stitch thousands of times. I have a couple of purse projects in the works to be felted that might benefit from some of that.

I always fancy myself to be the kind of person that’s on trend, but when it comes down to brass tacks, ya like what ya like and ain’t no getting around it. If something’s catchy and fun, like that OK GO song, who cares if they play it a million times until Sunday? We’ll get sick of it eventually, but until then the damn thing makes me want to kick up my heels and hit the treadmill!

I might have a teeny-weeny electronic crush on Franklin. My blog is so tedious sometimes, that I could use my own personal sheep or, for that matter, any new fuzziness in the house that isn’t my husband. Maybe THAT’S why I keep buying yarn!

I started a list today of all the projects that I have yarn for and haven’t started, and what struck me the most about it (even though I just electronically deleted it all somehow), is that I have yarn for a whole bunch of projects for myself that I’ve NEVER done. And, until I can stop knitting things for presents, I’m never going to get the ones for myself done! How do you people work this? How much do you have to love someone to knit for them? I’ve made the mistake already. . .knitted my sister in law (who I adore, and who is NOT a knitter) a lovely scarf made of silk that she promptly decided to use as a belt. Grr. My mom, who machine knits, received her scarf on Saturday and (I’m sure with the best of intentions) immediately said “Do you want to wear this for a while?” Does that mean she doesn’t like it?!?!?! I spent months on that thing! 

Enough blabbering. The husband calls, it’s time to work out.


Nilofer Khatri says:

Ohmigod i love your blog….i dream of the day to get BACK to knitting…I got all those dang fruit hats yearning to be made for the lil ones that are getting closer and closer to being too old for eggplants and pumpkins on their heads.

Angie says:

you are correct sir

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