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{September 18, 2006}   Sock construction in progress!!

Cuff and heel completion of the sock

 Well, here it is, the cuff and the heel of my Lorna’s Socks in Shepherd Worsted. The pattern I’m using is from the DIY show Knitty Gritty, the “Sock it to me” episode, with Karen Baumer. Now, granted, I’m using #7 dpns (five of them, it’s just the most comfortable to me), and the yarn is big and fluffy, but until I started this whole thing I was really intimidated by the entire concept of socks. If you’re new to socks I’d highly recommend the pattern. . .the whole thing is spelled out step by step and I’m not afraid anymore! Oh, and by the way, I adore my pink plastic dpns, so no making fun of them.

I took this picture just a few days ago, and I’m already done with the side gussets and on to the foot, so hopefully it won’t be long until you see the completed project. These socks are sort of a moral imperative. This yarn is really a dream to work with. In spite of the fact that today is my day off, I’m not going to do a ton of knitting. My mom and her friend from London are coming to the city so we can be girls about town, shopping and visiting museums and such.


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