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{September 16, 2006}   Awww. . .fuzzy

Booties!! Listen, you know you wish you could reach into the screen and touch these. . .they are unforgiveably super duper cute-and-fuzzy. I’ve got to say, they make me want to tie them to my ears and stroke my cheeks on a regular basis (that might not come off so well to my patients, though) The lace-knitting guru at Knitter’s Niche was nice enough to turn me on to this pattern, and this fantastic Lorna’s Laces Angel yarn, in Hawaii. These are going to my friend Pete’s brand new baby, hopefully, sometime before he turns 20.

 How is it that I can work my ass off on a project, block it, make it perfect, and then let it sit, rotting, on my shelf until I FINALLY get my crud together to send it out? I had a dear friend whose dad was severely injured and hospital bound. This was LAST DECEMBER. I made him a hat, by March or so. (The inspiration-to-project completion time? A month, give or take a couple of days). When did I finally get the man his hat? (unfortunately, still hospital bound and in need of said hat) TWO WEEKS AGO. Sigh. I could use the excuse that work and life suddenly became crazy, but the truth is, I’ve been a procrastinator all my life. I desperately like to pretend I’m not one and that I’m organized, since the Husband is the ultimate organizer and organized person, but the truth is, I’m just not.

 Feels good to get that off my chest to the 4 people who are actually going to read this!


They are beauties, m’love – and I’ve got a sweater that I made for my little sister LAST Christmas sitting on my shelf… thank god I made it a size too big! Here’s to rotting knitwear. 🙂 They’re fuzz-licious.

kirsten says:

Hi! Thanks for commentiing on my blog. I saw the sign in Portland Oregon actually, but several people have mentioned seeing it around the country so it must be popular. :O)

Just so you know…I do the same thing with sending things out. I have an adorable baby sweater that needs to be sent. Fortunately it’s sized for a one-year old and the baby hasn’t been born yet — so maybe this child will actually get her sweater before she grows out of it!! It’s a little bizarre this block about mailing things I have…anyway, just know that you aren’t alone!!

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