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{September 14, 2006}   Woo hoo!!

Mom's shawl

Um, I’m still not quite sure how I did this, but here it is, Mom’s shawl!!! It’s sort of my own pattern. . .involving a switch of needles (from #8 to #17) in the middle and dropped stitches on the ends, with a little extra fuzziness from eyelash yarn for fun and sparkle. I’ll have to get some close-ups so you can see the details, but hooray, anyway! The yarn is S. Charles Ritratto, in purple I think (I’ve had this yarn forever, purchased in NYC ages ago at Knit New York ), and the fun fuzziness is an unnamed eyelash, also purchased there, in a light greeny-blue color that makes me happy every time I add it to a project.

 This whole blogging thing is a bit addictive, and according to KnitMongrel it won’t be long before I’m obsessed. . .I think the rate-limiting factor has got to be my poor little camera, which hasn’t been pressed into service very often. Oh well. Gotta go swim, the Husband calls!


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